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Ajimi (味魅) in Kofu

ajimi izakaya kofu chinese

Izakaya in Kofu (甲府)

After walking to the top of Shosenkyo (and back down) on the hottest day of the year, I took a bus to downtown Kofu where my long bike ride back to Kaminoyu (甲府温泉) awaited me. With the temperature well over 100 degrees and the humidity at extreme levels (some people died from the heat on this day), I decided to kill time until the sun went down before getting on a bike.

I ducked into Ajimi for some gyoza and a thirst quencher. The proprietor spoke Japanese well, but she had a bit of an accent so I asked where she was from. She is from China–super nice lady and a great cook. Haruna is her name.

Anyway, her customers were lots of fun to talk with. I didn’t intend to stay long, but the other patrons kept buying me food and drinks. Oddly, the guy I was sitting next to knew my boss from way back when I was a Japanese tour guide in San Francisco more than 20 years ago. Small world.

Check this place out if you ever find yourself in Kofu. Here is a map:

1/4 of a Century

sepultura omni oakland california 1989

25 years ago today, this happened.

Daruma Mama-San

daruma kyoto izakaya akachochin mama san pizza

居酒屋 だるま Daruma

As promised, today’s photo features my pizza and the cook on a very pleasant evening in Kyoto. Here is the address: 京都府京都市上京区小山町908

I have no idea if the ladies that work here speak a lick of English. They are hilarious in Japanese though. The establishment has been in the family for generations.

Don’t drink the water

corona truck guanajuato mexico

Corona beer truck (Guanajuato, Mexico)

Saiya (祭家) in Kyoto

saiya kyoto izakaya gyu udon curry kirin beer sake 居酒屋

Udon with beef

I had two nights in Kyoto last summer. I asked my innkeeper for a recommendation of a fun izakaya in the (Nijo Station) neighborhood and she recommended Daruma (908 Koyamacho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto). She was correct. Daruma was tons of fun. Both of the Mama Sans and the customers were entertaining. Pictures coming soon.

So the next day I asked her for a similar place and she recommended Saiya. With kanji like 祭家, how could it not be a party? Well, it wasn’t as fun as Daruma, but the family running the place were baseball diehards so we did have fun chatting about baseball while watching games on the TV.


kirin beer ad meiji jingu stadium

キリンビール ad in Meiji Jingu Stadium

I miss this place.