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Yellow-bellied marmot

yellow bellied marmot Spokane River

Marmota flaviventris (Spokane, Washington)

Waterfall Wednesday — Lower Spokane Falls and Monroe Bridge

7-photo photomerged panorama of Lower Spokane Falls and Monroe Bridge

@SpokaneCity @VisitSpokane @ActivelyNW #spokane #waterfallwedenesday #waterfalls


Spokane, Washington

Marmot Day

yellow bellied marmot spokane river

yellow bellied marmot on the Spokane River

#groundhogday #marmotday

February 2nd is Marmot Day (aka Groundhog Day) except in Alaska where it is celebrated on April 18.

Washington Water Power

 washington spokane water power

Washington Water Power (Spokane)

Washington Water Power is now Avista, but it’s nice that they left this sign alone.

Spokane’s Ruby2

ruby 2 spokane washington

Steam Plant from the Ruby2 Hotel (Spokane, Washington)

@SpokaneCity @RubyHospitality @The_SteamPlant

A hundred years ago Spokane’s iconic smoke stacks provided power to hundreds of buildings downtown. Now they are home to the Steam Plant Brewing Co. From our hotel room the colorfully lit symbols of days gone by were lovely.