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Are you ready for Halloween?

bone church kutna hora Sedlec Ossuary czech republic

Chandelier made out of human bones (Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic)

#VisitCzechRepublic #VisitCZ #KutnaHora #BoneChurch @SedlecOssuary_

At this church in Kutna Hora they are ready for Halloween every day of the year.

Happy Halloween

El Gallo Pitagorico guanajuato blue italian restaurant

El Gallo Pitagorico (Guanajuato, Mexico Italian restaurant)

Roskilde Festival participant

skeleton cigarette holder at roskilde festival costume

The Roskilde Festival is a summer thing, but this photo seemed more fitting for October.

’tis the season

Kaela Shantel Øien Gahr From Hell merch girls musichead

Kaela and Shantel Øien Gahr – From Hell merch girls @ Musichead

Be careful out there people. It’s October and all. You don’t want to lose your mind.

Halloween in Japan

LA CITTADELLA Japan halloween costume bumble bees kawasaki parade

Japanese bumble bee Halloween costumes @ the annual parade in Kawasaki

If you happen to be in Japan for Halloween this year (or any year), and you are in or near Tokyo, you may want to check out the festivities in Kawasaki just south of Tokyo. Here is a schedule of this year’s events (most happening on the Saturday night and Sunday before Halloween). There isn’t much besides decorations outside of these events in Kawasaki with regard to Halloween in Japan. No trick or treating and the costume parties are few and far between.

Halloween costumes

japanese french maid halloween costume sexy slutty outfits fantasy girls

Japanese females in Halloween costumes

Today’s photo is from the 2011 Ashland, Oregon Halloween Parade. I think these two girls are Japanese students at SOU this year. I’ll be posting (and have posted) many more photos from Halloween (we had great weather and there were some stellar costumes this year) on my other blog which you can find here.