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Metal Monday

Niclas Engelin of In Flames @ Copenhell

@InFlames_SWE @COPENHELL #copenhell

In 13 days 2019 Copenhell will be over. 🙁 The good news is that it hasn’t even started yet. 🙂

Flashback Friday

Björn Gelotte of In Flames

@InFlames_SWE @COPENHELL #copenhell

Latest batch of announced acts for 2018 Copenhell were not great. The only one I’ll probably check out is Corrosion of Conformity. The rest are metalcore or grindcore, two genres I’m not fond of. Hopefully the next announcement will be better.

In Flames @ 2017 Copenhell

copenhell in flames

In Flames @ Copenhell

@InFlames_SWE @COPENHELL #copenhell

in flames copenhell

Björn Gelotte

copenhell in flames Niclas Engelin

Niclas Engelin

bass bassist copenhell in flames Bryce Paul

Bryce Paul

copenhell in flames Anders Fridén

Anders Fridén

Happy birthday, Anders Fridén!

in flames

Anders Fridén


It’s been almost five years since I’ve seen In Flames. I’ll see them again at Copenhell in less than three months.

Björn Gelotte of In Flames

Björn Gelotte in flames medford armory gibson les paul guitar

Björn Gelotte

@InFlames_SWE My random image of the day was this one from a year and a half ago. I took this photo in Medford, Oregon. Hopefully I’ll get back to Gothenburg, Sweden to eat at Björn’s 2112 restaurant someday.

In Flames has a new album coming out in early September called “Siren Charms.” No word yet on a North American tour, but a stop in Southern Oregon will be appreciated.

In Flames @ Medford Armory

in flames sweden metal anders friden medford armory

Anders Fridén of In Flames

aaron patrick bass in flames devil driver

Aaron “Bubble” Patrick filling in on Peter Iwers’ bass for In Flames

Peter Iwers, In Flames’s normal bassist, flew back to Sweden a few days before to be with his wife as she delivered their third child. Aaron “Bubble” Patrick (of Devil Driver) played bass for In Flames for several shows, and this show in Medford was his last with the band.

in flames cloud connected medford oregon tour 2012

Cloud Connected

In Flames Björn Gelotte

Björn Gelotte of In Flames

medford armory in flames

in flames drummer daniel svensson

Daniel Svensson on drums for In Flames

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