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Inuyama Castle fireworks

inuyama castle fireworks

Japanese fireworks (hanabi or 花火; literally: flower fire)

My random, desktop image of the day.

Japanese fireworks

fireworks at jingu stadium swallows game

Fireworks at Jingu Stadium during Swallows game

A year ago today this happened.

Happy 4th of July!

inuyama castle fireworks

Inuyama Castle fireworks

Happy New Year!

 inuyama castle fireworks kisogawa kiso river

Inuyama Castle fireworks

I have no plans to travel this year. Hopefully that will change.

Fireworks over the Kiso River (日本ライン夏まつり納涼花火大会)

日本ライン夏まつり納涼花火大会 inuyama castle fireworks 2048p

fireworks and Inuyama Castle

For the past 34 years there has been an annual fireworks festival near Inuyama Castle (犬山城) in which fireworks are launched from the Kiso River. I had my first chance to witness this event last month. I didn’t have the best spot for capturing photos of the fireworks with the castle in the background, but considering I didn’t sit down until about 10 minutes before the fireworks began, my spot wasn’t that bad.

Hanabi (花火) dress

hanabitaikai festival japanese girls dressed up kimono

Fireworks festivals in Japan aren’t just about watching fireworks, just as hanami (花見) parties in the spring aren’t really about watching flowers. There is usually a party involved and the participants dress in summer kimono (yukata). Today’s pic shows a few examples from the train ride home after the 第32回足立の花火.