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Portland blossoms


I saw these beauties today in Portland, Oregon at OHSU.

7 years ago today…

ikegami plum blossoms

Ikegami plum blossoms

東長谷寺 flowers

東長谷寺 flower shinjuku tokyo japan

Tokyo, Japan

Today’s photo is my random, desktop image of the day and seems appropriate given that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I took this when I was with my sweetheart in Shinjuku nearly seven years ago. I believe we were on one of the walks in this book.

Old Town Square


The statue on the left is the Jan Hus Memorial, and the medieval steeples on the right belong to the Church of Our Lady before Týn. If I make it back to Prague in 2017 I will have a different game plan to deal with the crowds.

Kainan Jinja (海南神社) daisies


My random, desktop image of the day is from six and a half years ago. I took this in Miura City (三浦市) near Jogashima.

Ikegami Plum Blossoms