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Poland shows

Some more photos from the two nights in a row that I saw Gruzja, KAT, and Vader in Poznan and Warsaw, Poland.

Metal Monday

Debustrol josefstadt-low-light


The Czech version of Slayer (as a Czech guy dubbed them when describing them to me) may have been my favorite act of the first day of Josefstadt.

Photos from Josefstadt day two

Mean Messiah

Laura Guldemond of Burning Witches @ Josefstadt

Truchło Strzygi

Dordeduh panorama on the Octagon stage

Ad Nauseam


Photos from Josefstadt day one

Crowd surfing during Vader’s set at Josefstadt

Destruction’s Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer

Belzebong making sure their message gets across

josefstadt harakiri for the sky-low-light

Harakiri for the Sky

Honza Kapák hellsound bohemyst josefstadt-low-light

Honza “Hellsound” Kapák of Bohemyst

decapitated josefstadt-low-light


Stiny Plamenu josefstadt-low-light

Stiny Plamenu


seven photo photomerge panorama fjord faroe islands Árnafjørður

7-photo photomerged panorama of Árnafjørður in the Faroe Islands

I didn’t see another human during the half hour or so that I wandered around the town of Árnafjørður.

My camper van was supposed to have internet. It did not. My phone was supposed to have internet. It did not. (Orange sucks BTW. Advertised as working in the Faroe Islands, Scotland, and the Czech Republic, it didn’t work at all in the Faroe Islands or Scotland and barely worked–at super slow speeds and only sometimes–in the Czech Republic.) I was supposed to be going to a festival in the Faroe Islands. It was canceled. So I had a lot of extra time in the Faroe Islands but no way to know what to do with it. I didn’t have a guidebook. All I had was Google maps.

I drove to every place I could see on Google maps, but since I didn’t have internet, I didn’t know what would be there when I arrived or what to do in these towns. However, the Faroe Islands provided a solution. In every town, there is a really cool map/town overview sign which I would read before exploring. An example of one of these can be seen in the Árnafjørður sign below.

Árnafjørður town map

Kuks hospital

kuks czech republic hot air balloon

Kuks Hospital (Czech Republic)

“Magic every day on my summer adventures” is what I tell people who ask how Europe was. Today’s photo is one such example. Here is the story in a nutshell…

I needed a place to stay for Josefstadt as I’m too old to camp, and I didn’t have any camping equipment with me anyway. For Brutal Assault in 2019 I stayed in a hotel that had a shuttle bus service to the festival. I didn’t really like waiting around for the shuttle, and the hotel was 30+ minutes from the festival. So, for 2021, since I was going to have a rental car in Czech anyway, I looked for a place on my own. The closest place I could find was in a small town called Kuks, just 15 minutes from the festival. I booked the place without doing any more research or giving it much thought.

On the day I was moving from Prague to Kuks I put the place in Google maps for directions and noticed a little castle icon next to my lodgings. I still imagined that my lodgings would just be a guest room or something on a farm since the town was so small. Instead, I arrived to find that I have a view of “the castle” from my room! The castle isn’t really a castle; it was a hospital (an extraordinarily opulent Baroque hospital). But the place is gorgeous, and it is lit up at night. Czech tourists show up during the day to check the place out, but at night you couldn’t hear a sound, and it was wonderful.

More on this magical place later…