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Emilio Pagán

Emilio Pagán of the Minnesota Twins (August 28, 2022)

Pagán came in with two outs and runners on first and second. He proceeded to walk the next two batters, meaning he walked in a run before ending the inning. A Twins fan near me was on him before he threw a single pitch. Sadly, the fan was correct.

Target Field panorama

Target Field

@Twins #MNTwins

The Twins swept the Giants this past weekend in Minneapolis. This was not my seat for most of the game, but it was a good seat for looking out over Minneapolis–both ways.

Oakland Coliseum

10-photo photomerge oakland coliseum-DeNoiseAI-clear

Oakland Coliseum (May 2022)

ポートランド・ソーンズFCの杉田 妃和

Hina Sugita 杉田 妃和 portland thorns fc-DeNoiseAI-clear

Hina Sugita (杉田 妃和) of the Portland Thorns FC celebrates her second goal of the season

@hina_0_8_2 @ThornsFC

I went to my first, ever professional soccer game in the USA today. The Portland Thorns FC of the NWSL trounced the Orlando Pride 6-0. Hina Sugita scored the first goal of the game at the 21-minute mark.

Nine years ago today…

Darrell Hunter

10 years ago today…

Doug Fister

Happening again, for the first time in many years, in about 48 hours. Let’s go A’s!