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Copenhagen Old Stock Exchange Børsen

RIP 1640 – 2024
Copenhagen’s Old Stock Exchange Building (July 2016)

Today’s photo was taken from a boat. I probably have better photos of the place, but this one popped up just a day after the fire that wiped it out.

Franciscan monastery in Pilsen (Czech)

Františkánský klášter plzen czech Franciscan monastery

Františkánský klášter (Plzeň, Czech Republic)

The Czech Republic is one of the least religious countries in the world. So it’s no surprise that as I walked around the exterior and interior of this complex I saw exactly zero people.


昇仙峡 shosenkyo


Once upon a time, 1988 to be exact, I lived in Kofu, Japan for about eight months. I saw posters advertising Shosenkyo all over the place, but never got the chance to visit myself. 25 years later, I finally had the opportunity. Someday I need to go back and see it again with the autumn colors in full effect.

Metal Monday

metal magic martin DemonGrinder

DemonGrinder @ 2021 Metal Magic Festival

Estonian Open Air Museum cat

Estonian Open Air Museum cat

Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum 猫

This cat may have belonged to this guy. Both seemed to be thoroughly enjoying what life dished up for them.

Arve Isdal

ice dale enslaved berkeley uc theatre

Ice Dale of Enslaved (Berkeley, California – April 2023)