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Summer’s coming

hawaii beach girl

Little girl on Hawaii beach

Cooling off in the summer heat

Heat Solution

Another photo today from last week’s adventures in Sunriver, Oregon.

Japanese toys at a summer festival

japanese toys summer festival

Japanese girl can’t resist inspecting the goods offered at a fireworks matsuri in Inuyama, Japan

Five years ago today…

cherry blossoms sakura edogawa tokyo yochien

Nothing is more cheery than Japanese cherry blossoms this time of year, nothing that is except sakura AND a couple dozen kindergartners.

Japanese girl at a festival

cute japanese girl at matsuri japan festival

Little Japanese Girl

japanese girl 1950s geta camp kokura depot korean war

Japanese girl in kimono at shrine – 1950s – Kokura (Kitakyushu), Japan

Another photo today from my father’s collection of slides… If this beautiful, little girl is still alive today (2013) she is about 62-years old.